Covid has affected absolutely everyone, which is why having to make layoffs is not a taboo topic, it is the business reality for most businesses, big or small. Thriving in this climate, is an exception rather than the norm.We think that you, founders, can create a lot of value for each other by transfer of talent between those hiring and those having to make layoffs. We've seen some creative solutions in the market that become a win-win-win for everyone involved:

  • mitigate the notice period cost by transferring the contract to a new company, or "lend" your talent to another company on consultant terms.

  • help your employees to find a new home; we know that you deeply care about them and letting someone go is THE hardest thing to do as a founder, knowing you can ease them into a new job can make it a lot easier to handle.

  • accelerate your recruitment process by getting talent with reliable references from fellow foundrers you can trust able to start immediately.

  • recruitment cost advantages depending on the structure agreed between the transferring and receiving company. 


The above is only possible between friendly companies where there is mutual trust, and is ultimately down to the employees to accept. We think this can work, because all of you are impact companies driven by similar values, which is why your employees might be inclined to stay in the impact family. We have partnered with Jonas Axelsson (cc'd), many of you know him - he is one of the best and most experienced tech start-up recruiters in Sweden. He will act as a "matchmaker" and advise you on different creative structures that are mutually beneficial.



  • A "live" list of open positions - please update it with your hiring needs.

  • If you have talent that matches any of the open positions that you might want to transfer - e-mail Jonas at to discuss possibilities and structures

  • Of course, don't hesitate to speak directly to each other as well.


Norrsken VC Team

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