# Kivra - iOS interview
The interview at Kivra consists of a round of questions and a white board problem solving.

## Format
Manager and two Developers. One being in charge of more tech related questions and the other one focused on your coding approach and your reasoning behind.

## Questions
- About yourself
- Working experience
- Your experience with Swift
- Your opinion / experience with storyboards xibs and all in code
> They do everything in code without storyboards or xibs
- Design patterns of your liking and why
> They use MVVM architecture.
- Dependency injection and how it relates to MVVM
- Unit Test and TDD
> They apply TDD and do extensive Testing.
- Your opinion on 3rd party libraries
> They use Snapkit and try to keep pods to a min.
- White board problem
> It consist on explaining how would you aproach the development of a segmented controller type of custom component like the one they have in their app for swiching tabs.

## Links
[GitHub] https://github.com/kivra

[App Store] https://apps.apple.com/se/app/kivra-din-digitala-brevl%C3%A5da/id588705123