# Binary File Parsing Backend

## Requirements

Create an API that receives a FLAC file, and returns meta data about the file as JSON, that communicates using HTTP protocol.

* Backend should provide an endpoint that accepts a FLAC file upload.
* File meta data should be read and parsed according to the FLAC format specification.
* Response should be in JSON format and contain **sample rate**, **bit depth**, **channel count**, and **duration**. 

* If the file is not of the correct format, the API should respond with a failure.

You are expected to research how to implement a HTTP server, parse a FLAC file, and create a JSON response. You are free to use any software you are comfortable with or provide your own solutions.

Feel free to use [this FLAC file](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xz7jAVAJnJ22rmHxHIOcPSpQG4BgK3Qe/view) when developing the application.

## Delivery

Deliver the project as a ZIP or TAR file with a README file that explains how to run it. Please also include a summary of approximately how long it took and any other comments about decisions you made during development.

Thank you and good luck!